10 Things to Know about Albany, NY Stump Removal

<IMAGE STUMP POSSIBLY DAUNTING> When you’re considering to perform a tree stump removal in Albany, NY, here are a list of things you should keep in mind:

1. It’s Not an Easy Process

The first thing to know about tree stump removal is that it is just not an easy process. From the days when stumps used to be pulled out of the ground by strong draft horses, the task hasn't gotten any easier—although more efficient tools are now available.

2. It’s Not Worth Doing it Yourself

This leads directly to the second important thing to remember about the process—in almost all cases, it is not worth doing it yourself, but is much better left to the experts, like On A Limb Tree Care, Inc.

3. Root Systems

Coniferous trees like pines and spruces have shallow root systems and are easier to remove from the ground, while deciduous trees like oak and maple have much deeper, broader root systems and depending on their ages, can have extremely robust root networks in the ground. 

4. Wood Hardness

Like the root systems described above, the hardness of wood is associated with the type of tree it is, conifers being softer wood and deciduous trees having harder wood. Ironically, the harder wood is much easier for a stump grinder to grind down, because it makes smaller chips. Softwood trees will be harder for a stump grinder to whittle down, and will take longer.

5. Removing by Hand

Some people are die-hard, do-it-yourselfers and enjoy the challenge of digging up a stump. Expect to use a shovel, an axe or grub hoe, loppers, and a root saw. It will be necessary to dig down and expose all the roots, then cut them with the root saw, extract them from the ground, and either dispose of them or heap them on to a compost pile.

6. Using Chemicals

It is possible to use chemicals to hasten the decomposition of tree stumps and roots, but the word 'hasten' should be taken with a grain of salt—it will still be several months before any real deterioration is noticeable, so this method is most suitable for patient homeowners. It should also be borne in mind that these chemicals are highly toxic, so if children are often playing in the stump removal area, this could be a problem.

7. Backhoe Removal

This will be the most expensive method for removal of a stump, and if it is done in a residential neighborhood, it will invariably leave a mess to clean up because of the heavy machinery. It will also require that the stump be physically carted away or buried somewhere, because the stump is not reduced in size by the process.

8. Fire Removal

A fire can be started on a stump and kept burning until the stump has burned down, but at best it will only burn to the surface of the ground, and will usually not be even that effective. 

9. Stump Grinder

A stump grinder is by far the most popular and most effective way of removing a tree stump. It will grind down 4 to 12 inches below the surface so the area can be re-used, it will reduce the stump to usable wood chips, and it requires very little effort on the part of the operator. On A Limb Tree Care uses a professional-grade stump grinder.

10. Hire a Professional

The cost of having a stump removed by a professional is most commonly related to the diameter of the stump itself, since size will determine how long the grinder must be in use. This is one of those jobs around the home that is better left to specialists with the right knowledge, the right equipment, and the right experience.

If you’re in need of hiring a professional tree stump removal expert, contact On A Limb Tree Care for a free estimate.

On A Limb Tree Care offer three levels of service:

  1. Bronze Level – Grind the stump down below the lawn surface and will leave the mound of grindings, which makes a marvelous mulch.
  2. Silver Level – Bronze service, plus will remove just enough mulch to leave your ground level
  3. Gold Level – Silver service, plus will remove all of the mulch, add topsoil and reseed the area with grass seed
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